Areas of Practice

The attorneys at Anderson Roberts, PLLC understand navigating the fast paced environment of commercial and business law. While fraught with complex issues that transcend both traditional markets and borders, our team of attorneys recognizes the planning and expertise needed to enable our clients to stay adaptive and lean in order to compete and thrive. With proactive solutions and highly responsive advice, Anderson Roberts, PLLC provides objective-based solutions and services to our clients with deeper understanding of their industries.
Entertainment law is producing complex challenges which the attorneys at Anderson Roberts, PLLC rises to tackle. With new means of methods and information technology to produce and distribute their content, our clients—including artists and industry executives—are effectively served with legal solutions covering complex entertainment related transactions.
Anderson Roberts, PLLC excels in assisting clients with initial organization, structuring, and reorganization of your business. If your reorganization or capitalization needs include private offerings of debt or equity securities, venture capital investments, or the purchase of assets, the team of attorneys at Anderson Roberts, PLLC is ready to address your purchase, sale, or merger.
Understanding the sensitivity and personalization surrounding estate planning, the attorneys at Anderson Roberts, PLLC provide exceptional service and solutions. From drafting wills to collaborating with investment, insurance, accounting, and other professional advisors, our legal team can effectively identify and accomplish the most comprehensive wealth management and business plans for your needs. With client-focused services, each client of Anderson Roberts, PLLC receives the personal attention they deserve in order to best preserve their family wealth.
Information technology and e-commerce industries evolve rapidly, and necessitate timely and well-informed legal counsel. Anderson Roberts, PLLC understands the constantly changing dynamics within the legal and business landscapes to provide customized solutions and advice to clients large and small, for intermediate- and long-term goals.
Intellectual property is the lifeblood of any information based enterprise, and the attorneys at Anderson Roberts, PLLC provide expertise and advice to clients to enable their growth and success in their industries. From copyright and trademark documentation filing and monitoring to drafting protective agreements, our legal team is more than capable to handle your intellectual property needs.
Anderson Roberts, PLLC recognizes that today’s information based economy demands respect and understanding of ever-changing international law, no matter the size of the company. The team at Anderson Roberts, PLLC addresses commercial interactions for internet and IP licensing and development, while navigating complex cross-border transactions, to best grow your company from your home office to offering services with ramifications of global reach.
Anderson Roberts, PLLC’s real estate practice capably addresses all aspects of real estate transactions. For land acquisition and sales, leases, landlord tenant relations, borrowing and lending, title and survey, land development, easements, land use, construction, construction loans, workouts, foreclosures, equity participations, and any myriad of real estate topics, our team provides legal services and solutions which encompass any real estate topic.
Understanding the importance of minimizing tax implications is no simple task. The team of attorneys at Anderson Roberts, PLLC includes services for U.S. federal income taxation while addressing compliance with state and local franchise, sales and use, and property taxes. The majority of the tax work we provide to clients involves tax optimization and planning while utilizing both corporate structuring and the structuring of business transactions.